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Top Home Renovations with Best Return on Investment

Thinking of spending money on renovations this Spring? Take a look at these top recommendations for best ROI!

Are you wondering if spending money on renovations will bring a return on investment when it’s time to sell? Not all improvements guarantee a significant return, but these promising updates tend to boost sales each year. Here are the top five:

Kitchen Upgrades

A modern, functional kitchen can impress prospective buyers and significantly boost your resale value. But a complete remodel isn’t always necessary. If your kitchen already has a good layout, work with what you have and make strategic changes. Consider adding an updated backsplash, a fresh coat of paint, or replacing tired appliances with high-end models.

Bathroom Remodels

A good bathroom remodel is also on the list of top ROI home renovations. Refresh dated fixtures and faded tiles. Consider including a new soaking tub or sleek walk-in shower. If possible, skylights are always a major plus in bathroom décor bringing in the sun on those cold winter mornings.

Hardwood Flooring

Year after year, adding or refinishing hardwood floors significantly enhance the value of your home. Offering a timeless look, wood floors harmoniously blend with various design styles, from boho chic to classic elegance. Besides their aesthetic charm, hardwood floors are sturdy, easy to clean, and healthier due to the absence of trapped allergens often found in carpets.

Eco-Friendly Improvements 

Energy-conscious renovations continue to be a plus for forward-thinking buyers. Energy-saving windows, LED lighting, Energy Star-certified appliances, higher-rated insulation, an updated HVAC system and solar panels can offer a higher selling price point and significant cost savings for the homeowner and contributes to a greener, healthier environment for everyone.

Elevate your Landscaping

Curb appeal helps sell homes. It’s as simple as that. The aesthetic appeal of both the front and backyard may actually be the first thing buyers see, so make a good first impression and update the landscape. There’s no need to go overboard. The best landscaping designs are the simplest, but the “lines” need to be trimmed and clean. A good landscaping job should look nice, but also not suggest a great deal of work to upkeep.